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It’s time that we all come together as a collective community and make decisions about our town and what it’s future could be.

Our Vision

Let’s build a better Walsall by unlocking the dreams & ambitions of each community across the borough. Together let’s expose the abundance in and from Walsall and revitalise the town’s spirit as a space of creativity & innovation – building power with people through making and experimentation.

Project Updates

We have just received the keys to our new home in the heart of Walsall.


Our dream is to transform this building – the old Hogs Head Pub which was housed in the beautiful Grade II listed Brookes Works, with Walsilians into a Multi-disciplinary Arts & Community Hub, Creative Studios &  Community Led Design Research Labs.


We are building connections with the local authority, voluntary sector, businesses and local residents to help inform a new ‘Manifesto’ for Walsall.


The manifesto will. capture the needs, values, dreams and ambitions of the communities living here, so that we might create a new collective vision for Walsall’s future.


We will use this manifesto to shape the way we work across the towns and ensure that our work is exactly what is needed and asked for.


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Current Projects

Abundance in Walsall Map

We are building an online creative map of Walsall making it easier to discover the wealth of creative practices, venues, places of interest and activities across the towns.

Coming Soon

Blank Canvas

It’s time to reimagine Walsall. Starting September 2020, join our programme of activities, events and experiments centred around discovering and sharing our embodied memories, stories dreams and ambitions for Walsall, our town.

Coming Soon

KIONDO Walsall

Our Walsall HQ will be a 6000sq ft central creative hub for Walsall's social-enterprises and creative community. Open access multi-purpose space, venue, creative studios, and community-led design research labs in the heart of Walsall. This space will act as an incubator and dedicated HQ for Walsall based social entrepreneurs, artists, designers and researchers to convene, access space, and help to collectively build a better Walsall.

Coming Soon


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Invest in the vision

Help us make this project a reality by investing in this project. Community projects don’t all have to be done to a limited budget. Good things cost what they cost and we need your help to make this centre a place of excellence which raises the aspirations for all those who experience it.  

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Walsall Placemakers Community

Join the wider community kickstarting the beginning of a new chapter in Walsall’s story by helping to reimagine Walsall for future generations. Help build upon and enrich the new masterplan, keep us accountable to our goals and receptive to the town and it’s needs.


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Become a Partner

We are looking for local organisations who would like to work with us on our mission to reimagine and transform Walsall. Could you offer a service to support our work or collaborate with us on a project idea? Together could we collectively build systems and services to support this town? 

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Strategic Board

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about the world we are trying to create and whose work and ethics correspond with our own. Be part of the group helping to keep us accountable whilst supporting the underlying deep and meaningful thinking which supports the work.  

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Space Leaders Network

Do you own, or manage space within Walsall? Could this space help serve people living here? Join the network designed to support collaboration between the space leaders – managers and owners of publicly accessible spaces available within Walsall. Together, we can help transform creative provision across the boroughs.

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Join the Team 

We need people with a passion for making great things happen, and a deep empathy for underrepresented voices. Do you have a sustainability focus and think your skill, knowledge and experience would help inform and shape the work we are doing? 

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Andre Reid

Creative Director

Kristina Hall

Creative Producer

Sush Kelly

Lead Programmer

Tom Woolley

Artist/ Illustrator

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